Events September 11-13th

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Events September 11-13th

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An event edition of the Vote Token Shop has just been released.

Upcoming weekend it'll be unlocked from Friday 7pm till Sunday 10.30pm (UTC+2). Drop-parties, special items & other events

Voten Token store - Event edition

In this limited time-range the following items will get available in the Vote Token Store of Eline, located in Edgeville:
  • Weekend Double Xp for 14 vote tokens*
  • Boss points x150 for 6 vote tokens
  • Slayer points x30 for 7 vote tokens
  • Free barrows chest for 4 vote tokens
*Weekend double xp is an item which can only be activated from Friday 7pm UTC+2 till Sunday 11pm UTC+2. Once activated you'll receive double xp for the entire weekend!


Drop parties and hide&seek

Depending on the amount of players online, staff-members will host one or more drop-parties and hide&seek games! The items you'll be able to get during this event consist of items to supply your grind together with some rares. :o

A drop-party will be announced at least one hour ahead via this thread, Discord and our instagram.

The more players get online this weekend, the more events will take place