Ecodrum | Introduction

Tell us who you are. Gaming is a lot more fun if we know a bit about each other, isn't it?
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Ecodrum | Introduction

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my ingame name is Ecodrum & i'm very new to this server.
I've played runescape since 2005 & been on/off since the release of eoc.
I started playing osrs and have a well accomplished account on there.

I've been interacting with rsps community since the start of it.
Remembering my first server was runegasm (by stuart).
I later moved on running a rsps myself with 4 others. Had 60 players online at once at it best. But we shut it down.

Now i miss having the old vibe of runescape, as osrs are now heading towards an area full of plugins.
Gl on the hiscores & hope yall have a nice journey with me on Addyscape.

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Re: Ecodrum | Introduction

Post by Skwat »

Hi Ecodrum welcome to Addyscape!
Thanks for joining the server. Awesome to read that you are involved with Runescape and private servers for such a long time :o

In Addyscape it is all about reliving the old days, so I hope this server brings back some of that good memories of playing Runescape back in the day.

You can always send me a message on Discord if you have any questions or want to leave some feedback.

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