Update News 3th April

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Update News 3th April

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Another update log for you guys. From quality of life updates to bug fixes and new features.

Some of the highlights of this update: unlimited run, teletabs, fixed and improved the Kalphite Queen and Giant Mole.

  • Magic tablets added. Tablets of every kind have been added to the starter pack and you can also buy them from a new chest located in Edgeville.
  • You now have unlimited run energy in non-pvp area's.
  • An altar has been placed in Edgeville.
  • Giant mole animations are fixed + there is now a chance that it will dig away to another location in the lair.
  • Kalphite queen attacks and animations now fully work. she can now also attack with melee in addition to her range and mage attack.
  • Giant mole lair and Kalphite Queen lair are now multi-combat area's.
  • After the Giant mole or Kalphite Queen gets killed all players nearby will get notified about who got the drop and what the loot consisted of.
  • You now also receive a slayer point after completing a very easy task. The slayer point bonus of the other task-difficulties got boosted with +1 point.
  • The homepage of the website now has a gallery to give people a impression of the server. Feel free to send in some of your images!
  • A world-map has been added to the website.
  • The general store prices of herbs and seeds are now what they should be.
  • The attack, defend and death animations of goblins located at goblin village are fixed.
  • A kitten no longer attacks you after you re-login.
  • You can now cook your food on cooking ranges.
  • The XP-reward on the quest-completion interfaces are now correct.
  • You no longer receive double XP as a quest reward if you have '1-hour double xp' activated.
  • The voting system now takes into account the fact that you can only vote once per 24 hours on Top100arena


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