Farming, Credits, & more - Update log #4

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Farming, Credits, & more - Update log #4

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Farming patches don't reset anymore upon logout.

Get a significantly better quality of life by buying boosts, teleports & cosmetics with a newly introduced premium currency called 'Credits'.

Today I've pushed all the server&client work I did the last two weeks to the server. New features, bug fixes and updates to make sure this server will be around for a long time.

The short-term goal for this round of updates was: getting the server to a state where it is ready to promote and to improve the player-experience of new and recurring players.

  • When accessing your bank the withdraw x10 and deposit x10 has been replaced with a default value of deposit-x14 and withdraw- x14. When you use the withdrawX or depositX function the x14 changes to the last amount of depositX/withdrawX you used.
  • You can now use 'Bank Inventory' and 'Bank Equipment' buttons.
  • Tiara crafting is added to the server.
  • Some other updates that have to do with smelting silver bars intro jewelry + soft clay pottery crafting.
  • You can now use Bones on Altar. You have to pay a chapel ticket to the priest located in the new chapel - North-West of Edgeville, to make use of this altar.
  • If you ever forget your password, you can now use the reset-password function on the website.
  • I've added a few coal rocks in the low-level wilderness mine (north of Edgeville around wilderness level 6)
  • I spend a good amount of hours fixing farming. It's not perfect yet, I have to rewrite a lot of code to make it work flawless. However, your patches don't reset anymore upon logout and I already rewrote farming of flowers.
  • Fixed farming related bugs and changed the level-up interface of farming.
  • Tutorial Island is now enabled (Did some fixed and changed on tut-island as well)
  • When players leave Tutorial Island they now have the option the select what they want to do first. (see screenshots at the end of this topic)
  • Magic multi attacks on npc's are now working.
  • Npc's now lose aggressiveness after your spend 15 minutes in their territory.
  • The Grand Exchange dashboard now displays more Recent Offers/listing. The listings are also clickable so you can place an offer that meets the needs of the GE-listing that you clicked on.
  • I've created a new currency called Credits. ->
  • You can spend your credits at the store Jeff (located in Edgeville) is holding and also to unlock teleports at the portal next to Jeff.
  • I've created all the custom items that Jeff is selling. Check them out guys!
  • A bug where the worldmap-data didn't update correctly when teleporting is now fixed.
  • The hiscores now looks at the total XP instead of your current level when calculating your rank - except for your total level. How the calculations were made previously, caused issues when a skill was temporarily drained or boosted.
  • You can now use the Falador mine entrance.
  • Pirates treasure is now finishable
That's it for this time! Let me know what you think about these latest updates. Hopefully the server is soon ready to be advertised, so we can get it a little more crowded in the server :)
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