Update News 30th March

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Update News 30th March

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I'm glad to announce that I've made some good progress on the server and website.

I've created Hiscores and a Vote4Reward system. In addition, I've solved a few bugs and
designed systems that will make updating and backing up the server easier and more player-friendly.

I want to make as many updates as possible based on feedback of the community. So feel free to leave your suggestions on the forums!

  • Added Hiscores to the game. Some key features: search & compare users, display/hide moderators and admins.
  • Added a home teleport to Edgeville in the normal spellbook.
  • Added a Vote4Reward system. Key features: vote every 12 hours for 15 vote tokens, buy 1 hour double xp with Vote Tokens from Eline. She'll gladly accept your vote tokens. You can find Eline in Edgeville.
  • Made some changes on the Welcome Screen. Added a 'Click Here To Vote' button.
  • Added the following commands: ::claim (get your vote tokens), ::vote (brings you to the vote page), ::home (same as using the home teleport from the normal spellbook).
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where you were unable to login after you got disconnected.
  • You couldn't access the bank in Al-Kharid, this is now fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where you could still cook your food after a fire has extinguished.
  • Fixed the ::yell command. You can now globally send a chat message every 30 seconds with ::yell YOURMESSAGE


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