Eula's Intro

Tell us who you are. Gaming is a lot more fun if we know a bit about each other, isn't it?
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Eula's Intro

Post by Eula »

Hi guys, im Eula.

Just started playing today, really enjoying the server so far as i started playing rs in 2006 so a really cool bit of nostalgia for me.

If you see me around be sure to say hi.


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Re: Eula's Intro

Post by Skwat »

Welcome Eula!

Thank you so much for joining Addyscape. It's all very nostalgic indeed :)
Feel free to hit me or Fatal up if you have any questions.

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Re: Eula's Intro

Post by Fatal »

We're glad to have you Eula! I hope you enjoy your time! :D

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