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Grand Exchange - Open Offers

Item Offer
Logs Selling 4x for 1gp ea
Rune scimitar Selling 4x for 45.000gp ea
Monkfish Selling 3000x for 350gp ea
Lobster Selling 2960x for 125gp ea
Abyssal whip sky-blue Buying for 1gp
Pot of weeds Buying for 420gp
Spadeful of coke Buying for 420gp
Magic shortbow Selling 94x for 2.000gp ea
Rune longsword Selling for 25.000gp
Saradomin plate Buying for 1gp
Dragon dagger(p) Selling for 150.000gp
Yellow partyhat Selling for 1.000.000gp
Mithril axe Selling 7x for 7.000gp ea
Ranarr seed Selling for 25.000gp
Grimy ranarr Selling 5x for 7.000gp ea
Black dragonhide Buying 30x for 2.800gp ea
Red dragonhide Buying 100x for 2.000gp ea
Blue dragonhide Buying 150x for 1.800gp ea
Green dragonhide Buying 295x for 1.400gp ea
Black kiteshield Selling for 5.000gp
Iron dagger(s) Selling 5x for 5.000gp ea
Grimy kwuarm Selling for 1.300gp
Silk Selling 70x for 150gp ea
Logs Selling 16x for 250gp ea
Air talisman Selling for 350gp
Mind talisman Selling for 1.000gp
Adam full helm(t) Selling for 20.000gp
Red dhide vamb Selling 2x for 25.000gp ea
Monkfish Buying 25x for 50gp ea
Abyssal whip Buying for 1gp
Archers ring Selling for 6.000.000gp
Monkey nuts Selling 569x for 1gp ea
Yellow bead Selling 3x for 1.000gp ea
Red bead Selling for 1.000gp
Iron arrow Buying 500x for 5gp ea
Iron axe Buying for 1gp
Bronze arrow Selling 8x for 10gp ea
Black bead Selling for 1.000gp
Red bead Selling for 1.000gp
Yellow bead Selling 2x for 10.000gp ea
Black bead Selling 5x for 10.000gp ea
Purple partyhat Buying for 1gp
Baguette Selling for 10.000gp
Abyssal whip Buying for 4.500gp
Bronze arrow Selling 10x for 150gp ea
Staff Selling for 1.500gp
Raw shrimps Selling 5x for 50gp ea
Mithril axe Selling 6x for 20.000gp ea
Super attack(3) Selling 15x for 70.000gp ea
Gold ore Buying 200x for 750gp ea
Cape of legends Selling 4x for 10.000gp ea
Air rune Selling 25x for 10gp ea
White bead Selling for 2.000gp
Red bead Selling 2x for 2.000gp ea
Wizard hat Selling 8x for 1.000gp ea
Bronze sq shield Selling for
Redberry pie Selling 4x for 5.000gp ea
Karils crossbow Buying for 1gp
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